Untouchables24 5 years ago


I have done a couple of mock drafts on your sight and I really can't help but notice that you guys really need someone to update your player rankings! I love your sight for Dynasty purposes which is why I started a league here, but the likely hood of me getting Giovani Bernard in the 18th round is completely ridiculous. You guys need to find someone to update these rankings.

Also, please develop an app to work for the Android phone and not just apple products!

Thanks for your consideration,


FleaMod Admin 5 years ago


It takes into account a few different things. We update the draft rankings a few times per day. Bernard is going to pretty much be a scat back and we can't see him as a future NFL star (similar to Quiz Rodgers on Atlanta). We have Berard still ranked quite well -- you can check it out at fleaflicker.com. The theory behind him going so late is that it is filling your starting lineup first (which you have the option of changing when you actually draft).

You can see we have Bernard ranked pretty well.

We're working on an enhanced mobile version of the site that will support the Droid OS and it will release soon.

Thanks for playing here.

Also, our cheat sheet combines redraft and dynasty but puts a little more emphasis on a redraft league, but takes dynasty into account very much.

Untouchables24 5 years ago

Hi FleaMod,

Thanks for your response. You guys definetly have a different ranking system then I am acustom to. Guess we will see what happens when training camp starts. Just hard to believe people like Ryan Williams, Fred Jackson, Leshoure, Hillman ect... all rank higher then him.

Good to hear about your app will soon be available to droids! Again, I love your sight for Dynasty reasons! Compared to Yahoo and ESPN it makes life much easier! I hope you guys do more for the Dynasty freaks! It would be great to see more emphasis put on the dynasty leagues.

davisz 5 years ago

lol you have beanie wells ranked ahead of him, he's a free agent