Fehr_D 5 years ago

Dear Fleaflicker,

Our hockey pool league is unique in that we select one 'goon' to count PIMs each year. When setting this configuration on fleaflicker it applies to all players.

Also, we give one point to goaltenders for Shootout losses but not OT losses. This option is not available.

Is it possible to set up a custom player option? Can the Shootout loss stat be added?

All the best,


Fehr_D 5 years ago

Thanks for your prompt response!

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

You can't set up a custom player per se and have the pool filter it. You can set up a flex player by going to Commish Options>New Flex Position>Select all positions and use that as a Goon, but it will apply to all players like you said.

In terms of stats we don't support, contact us at fleaflicker.com -- we'll look to get them implemented