DerekGrahn 5 years ago

I was just curious if you could add in a few more options for the playoffs for next season. For example, what spots are reserved for what teams. In our league, we have 4 divisions and each division winner makes the playoffs. We have 2 wildcard spots open for a total of 6 playoff spots. How we would like it to work is that 1 wildcard spot could be used for the non-division winner with the most wins and the other would be for the non-division winner with the most points scored for the season. It adds a lot of flexibility to how we want to run our league and flexibility was one of the primary reasons we chose Flea Flicker in the first place. Thanks.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

You can choose whoever you want in the playoffs once the regular season ends. Just head to Edit Playoff Seeds (you'll see the option after the regular season and have all the flexibility you want)... You can select all the playoff teams based on how you want them entered.

Thanks for moving over and playing with Fleaflicker.