mevic1 4 years ago

Any plans to allow customization for mobile site users? Nothing too fancy, just stuff like editing button sizes (trying to tap the news notification is SO annoying when paired with other buttons like the Edge stuff or article thingy), background color or pallet options (white is too bright for night viewing, even with the phone brightness down all the way), text size options, header buttons options (I miss notifications from story comments and league activity notifications all the time). I know some stuff isn't so easy to implement but at least putting it on a shorter-term to-do list would be nice. Thanks for any response.

mevic1 4 years ago

These would also be cool for the desktop site too, but I think it's less important for desktop than for mobile.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Yes, it's possible down the line when our mobile-optimization software lets us, for sure. We'll also think about including different options for your background, etc, but these are not imminent on our agenda, but great ideas I have printed out and will bring up at our next meeting regarding these issues.


mevic1 4 years ago

Cool, thanks. I was thinking this stuff would also make it easier for people with disabilities (sight, muscle control, amputations) to use the site, just to point out another positive. I love how involved you guys are with the community.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Thanks, we definitely take these important issues into account, they are important to us.

PovertyBayOrca 3 years ago

This has to be my least favorite year in using fleaflicker.

Trying to run it on my tablet has been full of frustrations as the statement above notes. The pages are so slow in loading that you get frustrated stabbing at a link and not having it actually acivate and then the link/text is so small that you often hit the wrong one forcing you to repeat the process. Many of the 'hot spots' have dual functions which are nearly impossible to access on a touch screen. They work fine with a mouse hover but not with touch. To make things worse, the info provided by the 'hover' is not repeated on the linked page. The slow loads are worsened by the nearly useless, and unlabled, graphs at the tops os some pages ... put them at the bottom or make them their own link.

The other problem is the continuing lack of consistency between pages of player data. The selections are not retained between pages but instead are defaulted to new values forcing you to reselect and wait for the page to reload. On a tablet this really gets old quickly because of the useability issues.

The advertising implementation has been poor. From your site being hijacked by the play store (candy crush usually) to having to wait while you search through my browser history and location info so you can target the ads. This really slows down the page load. I don't mind an ad or two but waiting for them to load adds to the useability problems.

Your site has been one of the more flexable in what it can do and I have enjoyed it for the last few years but this spring I will reevaluate other options to see how they currently stack up with your site in function and useability on my tablet.

FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

Most of the issues that you did bring up were fixed. We understand your frustration and have and are doing everything right to make it better. We are working on it every day and are sorry for any inconvenience and appreciate your feedback.