Da18thLetter28 7 years ago

I know this is always tough to do depending on where FleaFlicker is getting it's stats tracked from. These are just some of the stats I would like to see incorporated into the system to add even more depth to the best site for flexibility I have found.

Anything that would make either individual offensive linemen or a TM O-line usable in fantasy football. The O-line has always been one of the most important parts of a football game and just gets looked over in fantasy. There aren't many stats for individual o-linemen other than pancakes. There are more stats that could be tracked for a TM O-line though. Limiting a defense to a certain # of sacks or hurries could be one. If the team rushes for a certain amount of yards could be another. If you think about it there are more.

Also the punter. There is # of Punts, Punt Yardage, Inside the 20 Yard Line Punts.

Stats for defense: Hurries, Missed Tackle, Tackle for Loss, Return Yardage for Interceptions and Fumble Recoveries, Times Targeted for Defensive Backs (This one may be hard to track, but possible. We all know that teams will go after some DB's and don't throw the ball any where near a guy like Nnamdi Asomugha. He should get credit for that some how. Zone defense makes this hard.)

Stats for offense: Dropped Passes, Times Targeted for Receivers, Tackled for Loss for Running Plays, Yards After Catch.

Stats for all players: Penalty (Quantity) and (Yardage), # of Downs Played, and maybe making a separate category for all Red Zone Stats.

I would really like to see more negative stat categories for other positions other than just the quarterbacks. Other than fumbles, there really isn't much available as it is now. The quarterbacks have several.

If anyone else can think of other stats that can be tracked, please add them to this list. Please don't waste time with things that are impossible to keep track of, like clutch plays or game winning drives. There is too much guess work in things like this. Only things that are easily counted.

Thanks folks.

DallasFootball 5 years ago

i would love to see punters added to the fantasy game

Burnell 7 years ago

I like the idea of adding punters.

Also, I agree that Tackle for Loss (Stuff) would be a good scoring option for IDP.

cmox 7 years ago

Some good ideas here. Don't agree with all of them, but think lots are good ideas.

Da18thLetter28 7 years ago

If I put any on here that are already in use, I apologize. I just missed them on the lists.