Mackomish 4 years ago

I know it has been suggested that the board be moved to a more prominent location to better function for League Announcements or Commish Notes.... and it sounds like there is some sort of technical difficulty in that... what I'd like to see as a sub-par alternative is categories, some tabs at the top of the messages/bulletin-board so we could organize it a tiny bit. Keep trash talk under a couple other tabs and then keep important league notes and news in a main tab... that division of messages would go a long ways towards improving that system and sounds like it should be incredibly simple to implement. Something I would love to see within the next few weeks as opposed to 2 years down the road :/

mevic1 4 years ago

Even stickies that stay at the top would be an improvement over the current system.

Custom tabs would be awesome because in addition to league notes/announcements and smack-talk I also do a weekly poll that gets a few comments and then gets buried after a few days. Having a "Commish Only" and/or user specific posting option for specific tabs so that certain ones stay JUST for the one assigned category would be even better.

CURTIS88 4 years ago

Yep, I do something similar. Stickies or collapsable threads would help, even if multiple image boards per league are not an option.

mevic1 4 years ago

Wow "collapsable threads" genius idea! (Not sarcasm, I swear!) Have an option for Commishs to set all to auto collapse (to, say, just the title) and then let us set specific ones to stay open so our league members will see important ones.