Dan_C 5 years ago

I would like you to allow more functionality with the message board, like a word/e-mail ribbon to bold, italicize, link webpages, add pictures, etc. as teh page is upgraded. Thanks

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Thanks, you can currently use some HTML and also add pictures by pasting the URL there from the original page in the meanwhile

Prash11 5 years ago

Along with the Message board I keep everything in excel I wish I could post my excel sheet in the message board without it getting all disoriented. I have who paid, weekly winners, Wavier pick-ups etc... Would be nice if I could post this in the message board instead of having to email to every one every week.

Orbitmint 4 years ago

Just testing some stuff out, ignore me.

Dyer86 3 years ago

Clarky 3 years ago

Prash, take a screen shot of your spreadsheet, save it to your computer, then paste the screen shot picture to your message board. Worked like a charm when I did it in my league.

edit: didn't realize this thread was two years old. However, posting a picture of your spreadsheet still works.