bullwhipsmith 1 decade ago

If there are teams in my league that are not participating, is there a way to have someone else take over their teams? There are teams in my league that we have not heard anything from since they signed in to the league.

Bill 1 decade ago

Is there any to quit a League?

Im in a league with only 2 people.

Thanks Bill

bullwhipsmith 1 decade ago


Is there a way that you can email them as the site director and if they do not reply open the team for a new owner. I do not like the idea of being stuck in a league for the next 16 weeks that only a handful of guys are playing in.

fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago


I like that idea a lot. But I think banning them is a bit harsh.

Maybe if they don't reply, it makes their team available to new owners.

I really like that idea. I think it could work well.

Thanks for the suggestion.

BurnsvilleKevin 1 decade ago

The only way you can fix this problem is to send a e-mail to the non functioning teams owners and give them a couple days to rspond and if they don't open up the teams for someone else to own or just leave them alone and hope they don't bring your league down, (I have the same problem in my baseball fantasy leagues). To cure the problem if the person doesn't respond can you have them BANNED from this site? Maybe that might cure them but I doubt it.

fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

Hi Todd,

Currently there is not way to do this, but I agree with you that it is indeed a serious problem in public leagues.

If you or anybody else has suggestions on how to deal with this issue in a fair manner, I'd love to hear them.