kevinblackburn 8 years ago

Come on all you guys with iPhones out there. Let's see if we can get an iPhone app created for FleaFlicker. This would be a great addition to the website! Leave a comment if you are interested so we can show the webmasters that there is a demand.

RuffRyders8 3 years ago

Much needed

007champions 3 years ago

Agree we need on for sure

Peraiderez 4 years ago

It's the age of the AP, therefore there MUST be one for fleaflicker. I'm trying to decide what website to use next season because out league doesn't want to pay for the site we've been using for the 6 years and yes they have an ap. If fleaflicker wants more to join, they NEED an ap. Aps make things easier for those who are out and about (which is most of humanity), therefore evolve to improve. I hope they do by next season.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Have you tried bookmarking it to the home screen? We had an iPhone app in the past, but are excited about this year's new mobile-optimized site that is configured for your device. Let us know if you need help navigating or finding anything.

Peraiderez 4 years ago

I've signed up to check out websites capabilities. So far it looks really good. I'll bookmark the site and check it out. Question: under customizing rules, how do I set extra point for every 100 yards. For example: Megatron had 300+ wr yards, so I want to make it to where he scored additional points at 200 and 300, not just at 100? Thanks!

KcCowboy 4 years ago

Had one last year. What happen??

Lucas2413 4 years ago

Would be nice to have it back. Fleaflicker is going in the wrong direction

DanJohnson 4 years ago


[Deleted User] 7 years ago

Check this out...

geekacres 8 years ago

Yes, Yes, YES ! This would be awesome. I would love to be able to manage my team and players on the go.

Pwong 8 years ago

I got a blackberry with a REAL KEYBOARD! Don't care much about your "eyefone".


McBruce 8 years ago

Your 'real keyboard' with all its buttons has way more moving parts that can and eventually will fail. Touch is where the future is.

TheBeers 8 years ago

Did you really just say that? Touch devices have much higher failure rates than those with tactile input methods. Might want to double check your stats.

TheBeers 8 years ago

And besides, it makes far more sense for the devs here to make an optimzed mobile page than to bother writing apps for every mobile platform. Like it or not, the world doesn't revolve around that toy you call a phone.