scotto1959 5 years ago

This is getting annoying HAL!!! WTF When are they coming??????? There is no need in public leagues, but some of us that have survived the flea turmoil would like to have them??? YA THINK HAL!!!!! BTW Fleamod can go suck an egg!!!

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

It may come with an infrastructure change with the site; it was addressed here two weeks ago -- it's a bit complicated to do right now. We'd love to do it, but it's not that easy. We're working on it, though and are hopeful.

Here was my response a couple of weeks ago and Hal's a month or two ago:

It's something that we're trying to implement. It's a bit hard to do under the hood. We're hopeful it is in place by May/June. We will keep you updated. We know it's important and we should have it done eventually down the road. It's something we're taking seriously and trying our best to implement it.

scotto1959 5 years ago

If it's so hard, then why does baseball have lf, cf, rf, 1st, 2nd, ss,3rd??????Why not just infield and outfield???? They all play diff positions, like the NFL guys????? Is ORI hitting the Crack pipe again??? Are all of you on dope??? GEEEEEZZZZZZZZ!!! Just get out from under the hood, seek treatment, and get this done!!!!

TheBov 5 years ago

Why so impatient scotto. I'm sure they know more about the problems this change is causing their software systems than you do.

I think if they come back and guarantee it will come into effect feb/march time when they update their system to the new season that would be ok. At least we will know that it is coming and when.

scotto1959 5 years ago

bov these guys are draging this out. not that hard. 4 years is not impatient.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

We're trying our best. There is a lot of code to change through for it under the hood.

We certainly understand it's important and we definitely hear you on it.

We'd love to get it up and running for 2013 -- it's in the plans, we should definitely have it eventually, but we might not get to it in time for 2013. We are trying as it is a top priority for us, still.

dgemery 5 years ago

Thanks for doing this guys, I am really looking forward to it.