Kevin_Lagace 1 decade ago

For free agents.

Could you be able to queue it up before say Wednesday, so that , based on where you are in the standings, free agents will be picked?

What I mean is that, the last place team would get the first crack at the free agent pool for the week, then #2, etc.

Rather than having it locked and open on wednesday at 12:01 am and the night owls scoops the diamond in the rough.

Maybe I don't get it, but it would be a great addition.

Kevin_Lagace 1 decade ago

I will learn to read.

Waiver claim systems exist to ensure everyone has fair access to newly released players and free agents. Players that are on waivers cannot be signed outright before your league's waiver processing day. Instead, you must go through the claim system. At the start of every new week (beginning on Tuesdays), teams put in waiver claims. The worst team in the league (as determined by power/playoff rank) will have the first choice. This gives everyone an opportunity to obtain new players.

Players are placed on waivers from the time their NFL games kick off to your league's specified Waiver Day. For example, if Michael Vick is a free agent and he is playing at 4 PM EST during week 4 and your league's waiver day is Wednesday, Vick will be on waivers until the Fleaflicker system processes waivers on Wednesday, week 4. If nobody has claimed him, he will become an unrestricted free agent that can simply be signed. Similarly, newly released players are placed on waivers until the following week.