Rebop 1 decade ago

Many great things to say about this site, folks. But would love it if you stop the animated advertisements. They flash and move and make it very difficult to focus on the otherwise excellent and ever-improving features of the site.

Understand the need for ads, but these animated detractors cause me to bail out of the site for fear of epileptic seizures. . .

FahimDaDream 1 decade ago

Id be willing to pay a fee, but dunno if all agree. 5-10 would be it for my out of pocket though.

if takign payments were easy as on paypal, i think you'd do fine.

Rebop 1 decade ago

Sorry Chris, but you've got the wrong take on the suggestion.

I'm impressed with the site and have said so in previous posts and elsewhere. I'm just trying to help Ori and his crew create an even better product.

Looking at the title I can understand why you might think that it's just another complaining post, but the title was really just a hook to try to prompt some additional input. Looks like you weighed in with your opinion, and that's good.

And heck, you're 3-0 with one of the strongest FFL teams I've ever laid eyes on, so a guy who can put a team like that together probably can't be wrong too often. . .

chriskamppi 1 decade ago

people always have to have something to complain about this site is great and keep up the good work

Rebop 1 decade ago


It's not all ads, just the animated and flickering ads. Wouldn't be so bad if they quit flickering after, say, five seconds. It's really difficult to focus on screen content so I bail. The advertisers who don't drive me away keep their ads in front of me long enough to comprehend content.

A lot of us are here after spending $30/team at ESPN and left unhappy, tho' many are here after trying out their free service.

I'd be the most unpopular owner on the site if I suggested that you could get everyone to cough up that kind of money, but you might consider offering an add-free version in addition to the free version if you're unable to limit the epilepsy-inducing revenue opportunities.

Again, hat's off to you you for your excellent site, and I'm the first to hope that you can recoup your costs and make this a successful commercial venture. As with any entreprenuer, they're entitled to some customer feedback when elements of the product are causing the client base to limit its utilization.

Ads are no problem. Except the animated variety that make extended viewing of the screen difficult.

[Deleted User] 1 decade ago

The ads don't bother me, especially the one of the lady with big........eyes.

fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

I'm not a big fan of the ads either, but they are our only source of income.

If we offered an ad-free premium version of the site for a small fee, would you be interested? Would others?

How much would you be willing to pay per season to avoid seeing the ads on all of your Fleaflicker teams?