mrjjbond 3 years ago

Putting an editable clock on draft picks and having the computer autopick when the clock expires.

For example, during the first 10 rounds of an email draft in a start up league, I may want a 24 hour window for picks because they're such impactful picks, but after the 10th round, the draft window can shrink to 12 hours to keep things moving along.

At the very least, having the computer able to autopick would be a huge help!

afdynasty 3 years ago

My email draft was terrible this year, it almost destroyed my league.

FentonPhoneman 3 years ago

A Clock and the ability to pre-draft is all I see that's lacking in the e-mail type drafts.

JohnDiaz 3 years ago

How on earth is this not an option? Come on Fleaflicker...please!

Prash11 3 years ago

Yes this would be awesome.

Pee-Dee 3 years ago

I agree. I asked for this two years ago. They said then that they were working on this. Still nothing. Even having the option for the commish to execute an "AUTO" pick without making the commish chose what player is picked , is something that is needed. The commish having to make the pick causes an always poorly judged animosity due to conflicts of interests.

Need execute Auto Pick options.... This logic should/could also be applied to the Auto pick after the above mentions expired customer clock.

This feat is not hard to add. This is already in the live draft.