ClusterChuck 1 decade ago

Please forgive me if either of these two features are already implemented -- I'm still new at using this site.

First, I'd like to suggest having a "Draft Recap" page. It would be nice if there was a link (perhaps on the transactions page) that would show a little table that had a table (or something) that showed which team picked what player by round.

Secondly, and similarly, I think it would be nice to be able to see everyone's roster, by position, on one page (although i realize some scrolling would most likely be necessary). The reason for this is that one day I might decide to try and trade for a RB, and with such a page, I could quickly scroll down the list and compare each team's running backs against the other teams in the league, and make an assessment as to which teams are stacked at RB, and/or which teams need what I would offer.

If 3-team trades are allowed (and I believe I read that they were), then the feature I described above would help owners see everyone's needs.

Again, my apologies if either of these currently exist. I'm not a technical person, so I'm not sure if that's in the 'too-hard to do' category.

Thanks for your consideration,


fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

As requested, we's added a page with all league rosters:

Click “All Rosters” from the sub-menu under the “League” tab.

fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

Hi Chuck,

There is no draft recap page at the moment, but you can easily go to the transactions page and sort by Time (ascending). Then scroll until you see the draft selections, which should be in order. Because there are so many other cool features we want to add, I don't think I can justify investing time in adding this one for this year. But it will definitely be available for '06.

A lot of people of have requested the ability to view all rosters on one page. I will make it a top priority and hopefully get it done by the end of today. I also agree that it would be an excellent idea.

Thanks for the great ideas--please keep them coming.