[Deleted User] 4 years ago

We need an option that says to snake rounds 1 - 3 and than no snake.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Right now we just have the following options in League>Settings>Keeper Rules:

Snake the whole draft

Do not snake at all

Snake from round 3 and higher

Snake from round 4 and higher

Snake from round 5 and higher

Can you please clarify where you want the snake to start?

[Deleted User] 4 years ago

My thought is when creating a new dynasty. I'd like to have the draft snake for rounds 1 and 2. Beginning with round 3 it no longer would snake.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

Thanks, for now you can edit it manually after selecting snake from round 3 and higher. We'll look into adding future options here down the line other than just the three options given for "snake from round..."