msutkowski 4 years ago

Creating a Developmental/Practice squad option would be friendly to dynasty leagues looking to develop future talent. It would be like keepers but have some kind of "time in the league" limitation.

msutkowski 4 years ago

no comments from administrator? please tell me there is a developmental positions in the works then!!

rangerdave 4 years ago

It is something they are working on, but it won't be available until next season at the earliest. Full support for dynasty leagues is very important to Flea. For now. you can use IR for taxi squads. You would set IR to include Healthy players. Flea supports an IR up to 20 players. I use this option in my main league.

Sam_Jacob 4 years ago

Is this something still planned on being available next season?

rangerdave 4 years ago

As far as I know, it is still in the works. I don't know how soon they can implement this change, though.

Andy_Onsgard 4 years ago

I'm interested in this option as well. I feel like it would be too big a pain in the butt to police the use of the IR as a development squad since we are planning to make it impossible to place players back on the development squad after being activated.

FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

It's still on the table and high on our agenda; as we did last summer, we rolled out dozens of new features, with many more to come for 2014. No promises as to what they are, but we have had this in mind for a while and hope to get it done sooner than later.

Andy_Onsgard 4 years ago

Any news on this front?

johnand20 3 years ago

Yeah, I'd love to know about this also. Starting a new dynasty league with fleaflicker with a heavy developmental component, so being able to track this in the league itself would be huge.

FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

Still the same status as of four months ago, but we're hammering away at it.

No promises as to when it will be ready though as it's a large-scale, but important project.

Thanks for your understanding. We'll keep you updated.

codymcmahon 3 years ago

Anything new on this feature? My league just had a conversation following our rookie draft about the possibility of doing this. Sooner would be better than later! Thanks for all your hard work!

FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

We understand, it's something we think can be added soon and is high on our agenda, but still have no timetable. We are working on it, though.

Thank you for your continued interest; we'll keep you updated on the Site Announcement forum page here when we deploy new features:

Andy_Onsgard 3 years ago

What are the odds of this being implemented for the 2015 season?

Run_CMC 3 years ago

^ It really doesn't need to be. You can use the IR for this same purpose (as I do in my 12-man dynasty league). Just let your owners know that the only players allowed on the IR are players who are hurt or rookies. There is a max of 20 IR spots on the site, which should be more than enough for most. Since rookies come in every year, I implement a rule where they can only be on there for a 2-year window. At that point, the owners must cut, trade, or promote them from the IR.

Andy_Onsgard 3 years ago

I did that last year. Many times when trades are made players are automatically placed on the IR that shouldn't be there, which leads to confusion. I'm sick of policing the practice squad and having to check the IR vs the week 1 "locked" squad. Also if teams don't have the same number of players on their "IR squad" the rookie draft order gets messed up because it's dependent on maximum roster size. My league is starting to talk about moving to another site that offers this feature if it's not implemented this season, fleaflicker doesn't seem dysnasty-friendly..... Am I missing how I can set the draft length instead of having it set ti fill out everyone's roster? Is there a way to exclude free agents from our rookie draft?

Run_CMC 3 years ago

You should implement a time limit on how long players can be on IR after a trade or a FA addition, etc. For instance, in my dynasty league, the limit is 3 hours. If they pass that limit, the player is cut without warning. Now, that's not always policed to perfection as sometimes they may be on there longer or people may forget. Its not perfect, but it works wonderfully for us.

Run_CMC 3 years ago

I don't believe there is a way to exclude them from the rookie draft via an online draft. However, you should start doing an offline draft. I'm about to explain exactly how I do mine when running my dynasty league. Its worked great for 7 years.

1. Before I started the league, I decided to do a 6 round, offline rookie draft each year, and color-code the owners that way it's easier to read.

2. Once the leagues flip for the new season (which they already have), I go in and jot down the draft order into a Google Sheet or Excel File.

3. Once I've got the correct draft order in a spreadsheet, I then go into "Settings > Edit Rosters > These are complete rosters for the season". Doing this, will unlock Free Agency. It will also remove the "Draft" tab at the top, but that's okay because you've got a copy of it in a spreadsheet.

4. Once that is done, trades can immediately be done, if they would like. I set a date for my owners to start picking up free agents (usually the day after the league flips).

5. From this point up until our rookie draft, owners are allowed to trade draft picks for the current draft. However, since the current draft's draft picks won't show on the website (only the next 3 years will show), I tell the owners that if they trade a pick in the current draft, they'll need to let me know which ones, that way I can update the draft order on the spreadsheet accordingly. After each draft pick trade involving picks in the current draft where I have to update the spreadsheet, I then post a screenshot of the latest draft order on the message board. This way, everyone is always up to date on the latest draft order and there is no confusion.

6. Upon completion of the NFL Draft, FleaFlicker will soon begin adding the rookies into the FA pool. Once they do this, yes, rookies can be added by anyone. However, I have a rule in place where owners are not allowed to pick up rookies from FA, as I would like to be the one that adds each player to each team (you can do this quickly in the "Edit Rosters" option in the settings.

7. Once the rookie draft begins, I call each owner to let them know they are on the clock. If they don't make a pick in exactly 1 hour, they get skipped, just like in the NFL, though that's never been an issue. Then, at some point while they are on the clock, they will call or text me their pick. I then post on the message board the Pick and the Round, and then what owner selected what player. Then, I update the spreadsheet and add the rookie's name next to the owner's name that drafted them. If there is a trade of picks during the draft, I post the trade on the message board so all owners are aware, and then continue the draft until it's complete.

8. Once complete, the spreadsheet is fully filled out, and I will go into the Edit Rosters option in League Settings, and import each rookie that each team drafted. Only takes a couple minutes. I do this until all rookies drafted are on their teams.

We've found that doing the offline rookie draft this way, keeps everything neat and organized, and I also am able to keep it for historical purposes. Sorry this is so long lol...but you should definitely give it a go bud!

Run_CMC 3 years ago

Doing it this way also makes it a little more fun, as owners have more time to pick, and they can go on about their day until they are on the clock.

Andy_Onsgard 3 years ago

Thanks for the detailed suggestions and tips(how the site reacts after editing rosters is particularly helpful)! I'm not sure I am on board for a 1 per hour draft, unless we go around the clock it would take too long and work schedules would get in the way. You did give me an idea though. I'm now considering using a spreadsheet:

Using google+ we can share a spreadsheet simultaneously among all members and if I create a list of rookies beforehand we can have a quasi-live draft of only rookies. This will also fix the issue of the practice squad inequalities skewing draft length due to the live-draft's dependence on max roster size.

I think I'll give this work-around a go this year unless an actual practice squad is implemented.

FleaMod Admin 3 years ago

Still ongoing in development like noted above. We appreciate your patience and loyalty.

Run_CMC 3 years ago

Exactly! That's what we do. Just share it via Google Drive

nick_ernst28 2 years ago

I do it essentially the exact same way except I leave the league status as, "These are complete rosters for the season but still draft," so teams are still able to trade current draft picks on Fleaflicker. This is also so teams can't just sign the rookies to their teams once Fleaflicker uploads them to their database. The only problem with doing this is that owners aren't allowed to sign Veterans manually and are forced to post their signings to the message board.. but this works great for our league.

BrandonTrigger 9 months ago

Any updates on the status of taxi squads? I commish 4 leagues that are approaching their first rookie draft and I would love to have a legitimate option for the squad. The IR workaround will do, but I'd love to not have to monitor everyone's IR.

Run_CMC 9 months ago


It's best to ask this in the Help and Support area of the forums. That's the subsection that is mainly monitored the most.

KPierce14 4 weeks ago

any updates Flea Flicker Admin?