IBBran 3 years ago

Claiming players on waivers that exceed your roster size will automatically move claimed players to IR?!#%!

We use the IR for a taxi squad so it is set to allow any player to be moved to IR but this should not mean claimed players should automatically be moved to IR. Please fix this! Conditional waivers will not work then if I don't have a full IR. Moving players to injured reserve should be a manual task! Thanks.

IBBran 3 years ago

Any word on this? Is there a reason why this can't/shouldn't be changed?

IBBran 2 years ago

Was there thought on this for the 2015 season? I don't understand the reason why players go straight to IR.

FleaMod Admin 2 years ago

There is continued thought, yes -- however, we will continue to place players on IR from waivers if eligible, but will try and work out some feature to workaround this for leagues like yours down the line. Thanks.