DavidBiggs 5 years ago

Hello, we're just starting a new dynasty league here and appreciate all of the customization that Fleaflicker provides - we'd like to introduce a 'punishment' for the 10th place player each year where that player's team name and avatar can be changed throughout the season.

Is there currently a way for commissioners to make this kind of change to a team's information? If not, we'd like to suggest that you add this functionality in a future update.



FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Right now, you would have to e-mail us as commish and we can do it for you. Right now, you don't have the ability after the season starts and the team is created, but it's possible down the line we can make it happen -- just not high on the priority list right now.

We can help if you e-mail us and we can always change it for you if you e-mail us from the commish's account.

DavidBiggs 5 years ago

Thanks, we'll do that. ;) Glad that you guys are willing to help!