ryanswank31 5 years ago

A suggestion I have read on here before, just was wondering if it is possible to have some form of either a "Live chat Room" or the ability to start a live chat with another owner thats online at the same time. Just spent 15min working a trade deal, and had to keep refreshing the page to see if he wrote back to the last message.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Not imminent, but something we agree would be helpful and would like to have implemented down the line for sure.

BigDaddyT69 4 years ago

Why have you not added a chat box yet? This is the 3rd year that our 16 team league has moved over here from another site. This is a group that likes to be very interactive and has become very restless about this. We originally came to fleflicker because of being able to customize our free play league but other sites have followed suite now and they have made it clear that they intend to move on if this doesn't happen. I calmed them into playing again this season here but this will be it for them I'm sure. I love your site for many reasons and hope this issue is at the top of the list. Made room for the advertising which I totally understand.(that where the $$ comes from) Unfortunately.....most people don't really care about this, it's about their fantasy experience. Please pass our concern on regarding the chat box. Thanks for your time!