TheDudeAbides 5 years ago

Is it possible to change how the blind auction bids work for free agents so that you have a number you are willing to spend and the claim process only spends as much as is needed to get the player?

Like for instance if I wanted to spend up to $100 for player A and the next highest bid is $75. Right now if I put $100 as my bid it will spend the full amount even though only $76 is needed to win the auction.

I'm suggesting a second price auction instead of a first price as it is now.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

The way the auction works is like that (not like eBay). It makes more sense to pay the highest amount just like a non-silent and in-person auction.

TheDudeAbides 5 years ago

Totally makes sense for when you can see the other owner's bids and react. But blind bid auctions as you have it on this site are both silent and hidden. I just think that ebay style would be more appropriate.