trennr 4 years ago

I have some requests/suggestions that would make Flea Flicker an option.

1] Need More Teams (currently 30).

2] Need Separate NFL Pool for each Division.

trennr 4 years ago

These next items I cannot determine if you support or not:

3] Custom Schedules... including potential of Triple headers

4] Custom Playoff Bracket Set-up. 12+ teams

trennr 4 years ago


FleaMod Admin 4 years ago

We don't support any at the moment, but are open to supporting them in time, especially number 1. We'll keep you updated and thanks.

trennr 4 years ago

#1 would be pointless without #2.

My basic league is 3x10 team leagues (each league is it's Division) each week we play a triple-header 1 game from each division.