joenorwood77 6 years ago

Please, please, please add the feature to hold online auction drafts on Fleaflicker for 2011! We used ESPN for the auction draft then I manually entered everything onto Fleaflicker. While this works, it is hugely inconvenient for everyone involved. Auction drafts are becoming more and more popular, so I am confident many leagues will use this feature. I know this was on Fleaflickers to-do list for 2010 so I am checking on the status to see if this is still in the works or if it has been scrapped.

acdean 6 years ago

I agree - it's a make-or-break for me. I'd love to play here, but it will depend on whether or not I can do an auction draft next year. Please get it running for 2012!

ten-a-key18 6 years ago


joenorwood77 6 years ago

So it sounds like this will eventually happen, but it is difficult to know which season it will be in effect for. This will be a huge upgrade to an already amazing website once it is complete.

FleaMod Admin 6 years ago

In the works with many other enhancements, but can't promise a timetable whatsoever

dtolbert 6 years ago

how about a "ball park" timeframe?

Haddoq 4 years ago

How many years will it take?

DARKSEID 4 years ago

I think it's safe to say more then two.

Goofy_Mang 4 years ago

This is a feature fleaflicker really needs to add, it is keeping the site from being as good as it can be. Without this and 2 week playoff games my new league will probably be starting at espn. Which sucks because I prefer fleaflicker's interface.

flipperbw 3 years ago

I'll go ahead and add that this is the only thing keeping me on ESPN and Yahoo over you guys. You've got the opportunity to take over both of them with a much more customizable, cleaner site.

JohnDiaz 3 years ago

With how great this site is, it is absolutely astounding that they don't have auction capability on this site.

Belatruths 2 years ago

Any updates to this for the coming season?

FleaMod Admin 2 years ago

Nothing to update right now in terms of a timetable, but it's very important and on our active development agenda as we continue to work on improving our draft software. Hopefully we'll have it soon as we know how important it is to our users and site.

JohnDiaz 2 years ago

So it was on Fleaflicker's to-do list in 2010, but it still is not done. I'm just trying to comprehend that.

FleaMod Admin 2 years ago

It's something we are making progress on for sure. We apologize for the delay but certainly hope to have it soon -- we realize its importance and are working on auction drafts in developmental testing now.

We still do not have a firm timetable, though.

samroos 2 years ago

I'm a big fleaflicker fan, and would like to keep my leagues here in the future... but we're heading into year 4 now of having to do our auctions on other sites. I don't mean to be rude or disingenuous (certainly I'M not capable of developing this software), but four years seems like more than enough time to develop a fairly simple web-app that at least a dozen other sites offer without issue. It's too late to change this year, but, if there's not an auction for next year, I may bite the bullet and go back to ESPN or (ugh) Yahoo! It's a bit much, guys.

JohnDiaz 2 years ago

I think I'd have to agree with this sentiment. To add to the well written sentiment by samroos, obviously I can't develop a web app capable, but at this point in 2015, even Yahoo and ESPN have auction software. That certainly wasn't the case in 2010, but it is now. I love that FF has a free support forum where someone from FF actually responds. And I know the intentions are good. At this point, I am basically on FF because of the wonderful almanac and being able to have a historical record of players, but if that is the only thing, I'm going to have to at least start thinking of other options. I would even be open to paying for additional options (being able to add fields on team pages for salaries and contracts for example!).

samroos 2 years ago

Yeah. In the past, Fleaflicker has been great about working with me, personally. I even gave testimonials for their advertisements in the past; I'm a dedicated fan of the site. It would be a shame for me and for them to end that relationship, but at this point, I'm putting in extra work just for the sake of keeping it here. I'm sure there are dozens of other leagues that might come here, but for the lack of auction support.

JohnDiaz 2 years ago

That's exactly right. Any serious, in depth league's commissioner absolutely must have an external site, whether that be a website or message board or Facebook group that has pertinent league information that FleaFlicker is not capable of storing. And that is a shame. Yahoo and ESPN also are not capable, but now there are modestly priced competitors like Fantrax and My Fantasy League (at least for football). Obviously FleaFlicker is free. But so is ESPN and Yahoo and while FF has the almanac for players and leagues, ESPN and Yahoo now have auction software. So I guess that is a tradeoff. But yes, any commissioner of a serious league does have to do extra work on an external site to keep things organized and a successful league running on FF.

samroos 2 years ago

...and the silence from fleaflicker, who we know has seen the thread, is deafening. A real shame.

loubonz 2 years ago

I dont get it either. 4 years..

bootnylee 2 years ago

I love the high customization of the points scoring on this site, but I had to move our league to another site after years of waiting for improvements because A) the online draft reliability has been poor, B) the live scoring reliability has been sporadic and C) the site appearance and interface is so drab. I am keeping the league we have here (just inactive) in the very unlikely chance that FF finally improves on these issues. Not holding my breath. I'm sure we will see other more reliable sites go to the level of points scoring customization sooner than FF making improvements. I made the decision to move our league, after years of waiting for improvement, at the end of last season because I was tired being a FF apologist.

fleafounder Admin 2 years ago

We're sorry to see you go. We're a smaller team so we always have to make tough decisions about prioritizing our development efforts. This season we focused on upgrading our server infrastructure and sports data (we now get stats straight from the NFL stadiums, often before the play is broadcast on TV). The items you mention are important and they are on our radar. Hopefully you give us another chance in the future.

Clarky 2 years ago

Never going to happen people.

Kohawks 12 months ago

Any update on the auction draft progress? I completely agree that it would be a fantastic addition, but I can understand that it may take some manpower and time.

samroos 12 months ago

Clarky has bingo; it's never going to happen.

Between the auction and my leaguemates' frustrations with the mobile site / lack of app, I'll be moving both of our leagues to espn this year. It sucks. Fleafounder, thanks for your reply and your site the past years. I feel like I'm breaking up with a girlfriend here. Best of luck, hope you find someone who loves you for what you are not what you could be, text me anytime, etc.

JohnDiaz 11 months ago

Well, you couldn't be more wrong about FleaFlicker sucking, because it doesn't. And there's no real need for an app. Regardless, if you're frustrated about the lack of auction software, say that - I can understand that. I love FleaFlicker and it is far and away better than ESPN except for maybe auction software.

ThePecker 11 months ago

What does everyone use for their auction draft? I was thinking of using this as my hosting site but I just found this thread and realized they don't have any auction software to use. Please point me in a direction.

LuciferM 3 weeks ago

No auction draft? After 8 years of asking? Boooo

JohnDiaz 2 weeks ago

@ThePecker - one option is to use Yahoo's or ESPN's auction software and move the results manually over to FleaFlicker. Pain in the butt for sure, but that's one solution.