JayAllDay 6 years ago


robbergunr 2 months ago

Help we need the app

FleaflickerT Admin 4 months ago


Good news! We just launched the Fleaflicker app for iOS and Android is in development and coming soon. Please shoot us an email info@fleaflicker.com if you'd like to join our Android beta or to simply get notified when it's ready. Thanks!

TrentonLiv 3 months ago

Do you have a tentative date for Android release? Will it be before the season begins? My league prefers fleaflicker but need the app by September 6th.

welshsballs 2 months ago

Damn what's up with the app? We need one as soon as possible. Every other fantasy site has one

Wymaan 4 months ago

Well the iOS app is up, so maybe an Android app will follow?

KasperRasmussen 4 months ago

App ? I think you mean shortcut to their mobile website. Its the same thing, why would you use it ? It doesnt even have player ages, which is another flaw from the mobile site.

FleaflickerT Admin 4 months ago


FleaflickerT Admin 4 months ago

We'll be adding the information you see in the left rail on desktop (including player ages) to mobile web and the app shortly. Thanks for the suggestion!

smcelheron 9 months ago

An app would be nice but I've never had issues using the site on mobile. I just switch it to desktop view and everything is as it normally is just a little small. This is a free site that runs on ad revenue and premium subscriptions, despite the fact that an app certainly would increase the number of regular users on the site it would need to be financially beneficial for it to be worth their while. It's not like they can just ask Bill the IT guy to whip up a nice mobile app over the weekend, this stuff takes time and money, and they would have to believe that it was going to money well spent.

Slick20 10 months ago

Need an app. Mobile optimized site doesn't cut it. I lose owners over you not having an app. Everything has an app now a days. Why doesn't fleaflicker? This is just silly.

bylebunny 11 months ago

I would pay a little to have an app

juggadore 1 year ago

Why don't we, like, make one? Anybody know how to make an app?

lolrence 1 year ago

I would if I could haha. Hate loading up the browser for this and not having notifications

Giovo 1 year ago

And iOS