m_anderson 5 years ago

Any news regarding android app development?

Any news regarding the implementation of Roto H2H leagues?

My league and I would love to move to Flea Flicker, but it's just not in the cards without these two components.

ryanswank31 5 years ago

I also would like some information on the Roto H2H leagues. Our league has been discussing this as well, and would like to implement it. FF needs to step up their game if they want to stay alive. So many things are "coming" but never get rolled out. I can even switch my ball league from H2H to Roto on my own, FF has to do it still!

Cmon boys!

ryanswank31 5 years ago

would be nice to get a response as well...

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Yes, we're planning on rolling on the mobile enhancements (which we would then possibly package into an Android app if the feedback from the mobile site on the droid OS is positive).

Roto H2H Each and Most are also in the cards, but not for this baseball season, sorry.