mfdoom_narffl 4 years ago

Two trades in our league were made over a week ago, and most leagues will auto-expire a trade after 2-3 days. That was not the case, and two trades 7days old were accepted, neither of the teams who first made the trades would have kept them open had they realized, but since trades are sorted by how long ago they were sent (instead of active, then rejected, etc), they were not visible without scrolling back several screens to find them [we like to trade :)]

Allowing owners the option of setting an expiration date will prevent this, as well as put some pressure on the owner to accept/deny in a timely fashion.

Alternatively, I would love to see trades first sorted by active/rejected, then by date as a second sorting option. This way the trades which are still open will always be shown first.

fleafounder Admin 4 years ago

The sorting suggestion we can implement right away, thanks.

As for trade expires, we haw had that on our todo list for a while but I may take a little longer to implement.

mfdoom_narffl 4 years ago

I figured the sorting would be the lesser of two evils in terms of dev time :) thanks!