SaltedJim 5 years ago

Flea Flicker has a problem in the way you acquire a team that can cause you to be stuck with a completely dead league, or, be tagged with a Bad Reliability notation.

There are those of us who enjoy taking on a dead team in an already drafted league to see how good we can do with it.

The problem is that when you use the filters for FIND A LEAGUE to look for leagues that have already drafted with abandoned teams in them, you may only see one or two abandoned teams when you check the league, so it leads you to believe it is a fairly active league just needing one or two team owners.

After joining the league, you can then see the entire situation of how the league really is and far too often, a large majority of the team owners are no longer playing so you end up as the only active owner in the league.

Now you are either stuck in a completely dead league or you drop out of the league and get points toward getting a BAD Reliability rating. The process of acquiring a dead team in an already drafted league needs to be fixed so that you can see the entire situation including the Message Board for the league to get a better idea as to whether the league has any active owners in it or not.

Gotsomeguns 5 years ago

i agree join SCURRRRRED?? please. and touchdown frenzy!! SCURRRRED?? has 2 great teames going to the playoffs