FleaMod Admin 7 years ago

You can now replicate scoring rules over from one league to another league.

You do not have to be commissioner of the league to transfer the scoring rules either, you just need to be a part of the league.

To use another league's scoring rules for your new or existing league, do the following: Commish Options>Edit Scoring Rules>From Another League

Please let us know how you like it or if you run into any scoring-related bugs with it.

Wolvreen 5 years ago

It looks like it is only able to import internally. I was hoping to bring my CBS Sportsline league over. Is that possible?

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

We can do this for you. Please contact us: fleaflicker.com

deen 7 years ago

Can you make the roster rules tranfer to a different league to?

FleaMod Admin 7 years ago

As long as you are the commish, yes

[Deleted User] 7 years ago

Can you duplicate an entire leagues set up?

FleaMod Admin 7 years ago

Just scoring rules for now

[Deleted User] 7 years ago

It would be awesome if we could replicate an entire leagues setup with the click of one button. Can you pass that idea along to the higher powers? :)

Gridiron-IQ 6 years ago

yes please do that...

lfhuneyc 7 years ago

I like it a lot! Thanks.

J-J 7 years ago

What will it take to get transaction limits?

An online petition signed by the site's most committed & influential users?

How many signatures would it take from owners threatening to change fantasy sites? Would the fear of losing ad revenues from the site getting less hits finally serve as a catalyst for change?

100 signatures? 1,000?

I'll start it if that's what it comes to.

[Deleted User] 7 years ago

If you don't have to be the commissioner, how will you have commissioner options?

FleaMod Admin 7 years ago

Any player that is playing in a league can transfer those rules to the league they commish.

[Deleted User] 7 years ago

Ohhhh ok

Chiefdustin 7 years ago

Thanks, this is a great add. I asked for this during the off season and you came through. Sweet...

Volt 7 years ago

Finally, a worthwhile addition. Would have been nice to have a little earlier in the preseason, but oh well.

THANK YOU FOR FINALLY DOING SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY UPGRADES THE SITE!!! Now get back to work and improve the email draft (time limits, etc), add transaction limits, let us sort our leagues, add a special commish announcement board for the leagues and let us clear message boards without leaving [deleted] everywhere.

fleafounder Admin 7 years ago

I can probably do a few those pretty quickly.

luke1982 7 years ago

and the android app?

Volt 7 years ago

Well, a couple of the things listed were requested a couple of years ago so if they can be added quickly it would be nice. A commish announcement board would be really nice for the leagues where I have different rules and odd setups. That way I don't have to go back through 30 pages of messages and find where I posted the rules.

Volt 7 years ago

So, are there any plans on actually doing those things that you said you could do pretty quickly?

InSpades 7 years ago

"Weekly Transaction Limits" don't seem to transfer over.

Oh yeah, because that feature hasn't been added yet. My bad.


afdynasty 7 years ago

We definitely need this.

Dom 7 years ago

The "Streaming " is an easy fix for the commish.

1. Only have 2 SP spots or

2. Make it more of a negative for a loss.

most leagues default scoring does not penalize enough for a loss.

InSpades 7 years ago

1) People who stream don't care about how many spots are available they only care that they have the maximum amount of pitchers pitching every day.

2) Making losses more of a negative hurt streamers and non-streamers alike (good streamers play the odds and pick up pitchers pitching against poor opponents anyway)

However, I think people are even more concerned about this problem in hockey and basketball where a commish has no way of dealing with the issue (we can't even lock offending teams from making additional pick ups as a penalty)

Weekly transaction limits is a HUGE issue. Even though there are other upgrades I'd like Fleaflicker to make, there's nothing more important than this one. Nothing ruins game play faster than owners who constantly stream players.

deen 7 years ago

Yeah, im not sure how changing roster positions and scoring would stop streaming..They still would maximize as many SP's as they can and like Spades said they will still play the odds..They wont care if they pick up 5 SP's everyday and only 1-2 SP's a day get negative points, they're still in good shape if that happens..Heck it might even help them because like I said they're in good shape no matter what and at the same time if they're playing an owner who doesnt stream is probably getting killed by the higher negative loss.

I agree with Spades, I know theres alot stuff being asked for on this site but to me theres nothing more important than transaction limits..IMO, it doesnt make sense to have fantasy baseball and basketball without limits, especially since points leagues are the only option.

Dom 7 years ago

Your last sentence is a whole new topic.


InSpades 7 years ago

Problem is a lot of people think rotisserie is boring... I did it for a year and find H2H much more fun.

Dom 7 years ago

They could also do H2H Roto. Then if people stream they risk losing ERA, WHIP and possibly other cats.