FFCSR_Doug 8 years ago

Sorry for the delayed update guys. Nothing very big to announce just the correction of a couple of minor bugs fixes:

Update : Issues causing IE6 team page to not load now corrected

Update : Issues creating an account due to invalid code image now corrected

Hopefully have more for you over the next couple of weeks.

dskin 8 years ago

i dropped out of 5 or 6 leagues because there was no commish ! i even posted a message to you guys trying to find out how to take over and be the commish now my reliability is bad ! and i dont think thats right ! is there any way you can fix this because im not a bad owner please respond thank you

FFCSR_Doug 8 years ago

Contact us directly at info@fleaflicker.com. We will be able to have your flag removed by the end of the week.

scotto1959 8 years ago

6/19 do I have the wrong calender???

Fuzz 8 years ago

scotto1959 give the guys a break they have a job to do and why should they give an update if its not ready yet. Maybe if you spent less time checking out your fantasy football everyday, 3 months before the season and criticizing what others are doing and spend more time with scotto1959. You might be a happier person or at least we will be cause we wont see your ridiculous posts. Thanks Fleaflicker Admins on the kickass job your doing to the best FREE fantasy site around.

bkardane11 8 years ago

whoa whoa, easy thurrr