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Samsung is running an NFL campaign where you can vote for the week's "defining moment".  


<a href="http://definingmoment.federatedmedia.net/"><img src="http://www.definingmoment.federatedmedia.net/wp-content/themes/samsung/images/submit_button.gif" border="0" /></a>

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The defining moments for this week are up.  


Fleaflicker's is the "Manning found a way to win" submission (these are submitted before the Monday night game; Cutler had a great performance last night and I likely would have voted for him).  


What was the biggest play in week 11?

[Deleted User] 1 decade ago

what about favre? if it weren't for brady's insane season, favre would be the clear-cut MVP. he had another great game this week.

ffsuperstar 10 years ago

uh...devin hester