fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

There has been a lot of confusion about our decision not to include fantasy points from defensive points and yards allowed rules in our live scoring.

From now on, these rules WILL be included in the live scoring to give the most accurate results possible. You might notice that team defenses are scoring lots points in the first quarter. This is just because they haven’t yet given up many yards and points and they’re awarded the necessary bonuses. These points will be taken away as necessary throughout the game.

We also added several new features:

* The much requested league rosters page. Many users wanted to see all the league rosters on one page so now you can. Click “All Rosters” from the sub-menu under the “League” tab.

* Team position strengths. You can now view a breakdown of each team’s exact positional strengths. This is useful in proposing/assessing trades.

Kev 1 decade ago

Which league? I can make you the commissioner instead.

cole22 1 decade ago

ne help on this one?

cole22 1 decade ago

Im in a league where the commish hasnt logged in for like 2 weeks, and the draft was supposed to be a week ago, what can be done?

BengalsFan99 1 decade ago

ok thanx!

Kev 1 decade ago

Half the league must veto:


Your league has 12 teams so one more veto should cancel the trade.

BengalsFan99 1 decade ago

how many vetos does it take to veto a trade? because we have 5.

nugget 1 decade ago

if i pick up a player am i not allowed to drop him two days later?

BengalsFan99 1 decade ago

never mind i figured it out thanx anyways though!