fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

We've added the much-requested commissioner power to set lineups for other users. It's at the bottom left of the <em>commish options</em> page.  


There's more commissioner controls on the way.

MoneyTalks 9 years ago

I'm my league's commish but can't set rosters for other teams in my league. I have several owners who are severely limited in their PC prowess and they count on me to set their lineups. I've tried the link on the bottom left of the commish powers options page but when I get to a teams roster there aren't any drop down menus to use to activate or bench players. The only option is to trade players. 


Can anyone help me?? 



GearHeads 1 decade ago

Great Job!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

jpappas06 1 decade ago

thanks a lot....much appreciated

oosterhouse 1 decade ago

Nice work, as always.