FleaMod Admin 6 years ago

Transaction limits are fully supported for all sports now. You can set a weekly manual limit, a Fleaflicker weekly limit that is 7 (but if the fantasy week is a bit longer (say the season starts on a Saturday in hockey and it's a 9-day week it will default to 9), a seasonal limit, a seasonal + weekly limit and the regular unlimited limit if you don't want any.

If you have played around with the transaction limits we have had, you may have noticed you were not able to tweak the weekly limit. We have just rolled out a new transaction limit feature that lets all users set a weekly limit (not bound by us by how many fantasy days are in that week's matchup). You can now manually set a limit if you'd like. If you select weekly, it will default to the 7 per week, or how many fantasy days are in a given week's matchup.


DFerry 6 years ago

Thanks great upgrade!

KokoMoAZ 6 years ago

Thank you!