FleaMod Admin 6 years ago

It has almost been a month since our original site founder reacquired Fleaflicker from AOL. Thank you to everyone for your support. Whether you have been with us since 2005 or are a new user, we continue to look forward to great things ahead.

Pee-Dee 6 years ago

Fleaflicker is the best FF site around. If only they would add a forum like discussion board with thread, sticky and Commissioner mod features it would be perfect.

Gridiron-IQ 6 years ago

i love fleaflicker!!!!

OutOfOffice 6 years ago

Glad to see AOL is gone and back to the original founder!

CutYoHairWilson 6 years ago

Keep up the good work!!

[Deleted User] 6 years ago

Always welcomed Hal

AVCosmo 6 years ago

Oh Rick, ur such a brown noser...lol.