FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

The NFL and the Elias Sports Bearau meet on Wednesday to confer and make official statistic changes to the previous week's games every week.

We will be changing all stats that the parties officially change. These changes will take place by our system on Friday morning, as the NFL sometimes makes their changes as late as Thursday night (they did this in 2010 to Rashard Mendenhall for his Week 15 game vs the Jets minutes before the Steelers kicked off their Week 16 vs. Carolina on Thursday night). Barring anything very major (we'll take this on a case-by-case basis) we will never process any official changes made after Friday AM. This will be up to your commissioner to change manually if that happens (which is usually never the case).

Although not common, stat changes may very well change some of your matchup results and change overall PF results (more common). You may opt out of this at Commish Options>Edit Tiebreak Rules. If any matchup has changed in your league, you'll see it in the Front Office as an alert.

For now, you can see the stat changes that were made by going to Scoreboard>Stat Changes

To sum up:

- We will change everything the NFL changes, but the stat changes on the scoreboard sub tab will be specific to your league position eligibility and scoring rules. Scoreboard>Stat Changes

- Your league is alerted in your front office if the result of a matchup changed

- Your commissioner can opt out of this at any time at Commish Options>Edit Tiebreak Rules

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

We will be running these Thursday afternoon, a few hours before the TNF game as fantasy playoffs are now starting.

mKg 5 years ago

at what time approximately?

jpeagle 5 years ago

Well I got totally F'n screwed when the stat correction came thru! On a Friday after the next weeks games had already started! Total bs! Dropped me from 2nd in the division to 5th... Last place! Seriously BS

Sir-Swaggy-Lue 5 years ago

Run_CMC 5 years ago

Really excited for this to go through. I can't wait. Completely changes the playoff race for me.

KnoxedOut 5 years ago

My only concern with the late stat corrections is this. Let's say it's playoffs (fantasy) and I was 6th seed, my matchup started last night but then the stat correction gives me a loss and now the 7th seed should be in the playoffs not me...but my game already started.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Please read the Mendenhall explanation above about why we're putting them out when we do. They have been speedier this year, so don't worry come playoff time -- we'll have them done by Thursday evening a few hours before the Thursday game at least.

KnoxedOut 5 years ago

OK, I still see this as an issue for people that reset waiver claims order weekly (as recommended by flea flicker).

In my case I won week 4, claims were processed accordingly, then I have a loss this morning. This greatly impacts the integrity of the league the claims are affected from top to bottom.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

We will not be touching waiver wire presences.

KnoxedOut 5 years ago

We as a league now have to change the waiver claim process to not reset weekly, OR remove this annoying late thur stat correction.

Regardless this has already caused a conflict in our league.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

Sorry, I understand your frustration, but it's something that comes with the nature of the late changes the NFL makes. We won't be touching waiver wire results.

WaveXL 5 years ago

The NFL doesn't take wins away from teams a week after the game either. Even if it was a win on a technicality. Just because the Ref made a bad call on a game winning catch, the ruling on the field stands. The NFL even said that they were not going to change the call because it was a ruling on the field. In essence you are changing league results a week after the rulings. Changing player stats 4 days later is like throwing a challenge flag for something that happened last quarter.

Second, this is not something the Comish of a league can even do anything about. If you are changing scores, it doesn't have anything to do with tie-breaker opt-outs, because there is NO LONGER A TIE! It is simply a loss. If you are going to state that a Comish has a choice to "OPT OUT" of something, add an extra piece to the tie breaker settings that will prevent stat changes after Wednesday morning at 5:00am. (Before Waiver Wires!!)

I understand that there are going to be stat changes after a game, and it is even stated in your live scoring that "All scores may not be accurate until the following day." That's fine, i can live with my score changing Tuesday, or even Wednesday morning (before waiver wires!). Changes after that affect leagues that have a static waiver position that depends on your League Standings. If I lose, I get a better waiver position, and a chance at a better player Wed. morning. If I win, I have to wait for the losing team to pick in front of me. Changing "tie" scores on Friday morning skew the ENTIRE league. The team i played not only got a loss changed to a win, but they may get the player I would have picked up if I would have gotten the loss instead. This can trickle down all the way to trade possibilities too.

All that to say, Leave it up to the Comish after the games are done. Don't make changes after a new week has started.

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

We hear you. Your commish does have the option to opt out and the NFL does indeed make the official stat corrections (that can cause players rushing titles, etc.). Our fantasy game is based on stats for the most part, not actual NFL team results -- separate issue there.

Brad3 5 years ago

I think the stats corrections should be processed on Wednesday prior to the next weeks games starting on Thursday.

In a playoff scenario if the stat corrections change the outcome of a game on Friday will Fleaflicker automatically update the playoff bracket after the playoffs have started on Thursday? Will you guys take a team that was in the playoffs out, and take a team that was not in the playoffs and place them in? Will you guys automatically update the seeding? Or will these duties be left up to the commissioner of each league?

I see this causing a lot of problems. I think you guys should process the stat corrections on Wednesday, prior to the next weeks games that start on Thursday. If the NFL changes a stat on Thursday night, these stats should be the ones left up to the commissioner to change.

Will you guys consider processing the stat corrections on Wednesday prior to the next weeks games that start on Thursday?

rangerdave 5 years ago

The problem here is that the NFL does not make stat corrections that early.

Chiefdustin 5 years ago

Yes, a lot of people think they were cheated. Scoring changes should be made more clear that they are site wide or official announcements, this way people don't think a commish is changing scores.

Gridiron-IQ 5 years ago

Thanks man...that helps me out...I thought I was getting cheated...

FleaMod Admin 5 years ago

We made even more changes today that should bring more clarity if you were confused. The change lists the statistic along with the value that changed and the fantasy points that changed with it (the swing specific to your league).

Gridiron-IQ 5 years ago

Ya I got it now...thanks man...

tlikey5 5 years ago

You are a terrible comish anyway.. You should just delete another league. That was fun drafting 36 rounds just so you could delete it before the season started cool.

Gridiron-IQ 5 years ago

Maybe u shouldn't be such a whiny girl ur whole life...

tlikey5 5 years ago

Lol there is a red flag by your name for a reason.

Gridiron-IQ 5 years ago

That's because I'm in 30 leagues with a bunch of quitters and babies...when I'm in a league full of quitters and cheaters like the one I was in with u,I drop out of them,I like active and competitive leagues that I can have fun in...I never drop out of leagues just because I'm losing...I pick up losin teams actually...once I weed out all the terrible leagues like the one u where in I'll be left with nothing but great leagues....see how that works?