fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

1. You can now edit all league settings, <strong>even during the season</strong>. Originally I didn't allow this to prevent owners from doing something stupid like rescheduling mideason or clearing rosters midseason. But you can now do whatever you want.  


2. The commish superpower when setting lineups can now be <strong>applied to all teams</strong>, even their own.  


3. I've added disclaimers to the live scoring so people don't flip out when there's a half point discrepancy. Keep in mind live scoring isn't 100% accurate. We usually get it right by Tuesday when scores are finalized but in case we don't, I'll be adding commish superpowers for editing box scores sometime this weekend.  


If you sent me an E-mail or posted on the forum within the last 24 hours, I probably didn't respond but I'll get to it soon. Also, if you were on the site between 8-9 EDT you may have experienced some slowness. I've made the appropriate changes and hopefully this won't happen again.  


Thanks for your patience.

chemheel00 1 decade ago

Great additions!! Thanks.

markmeadows 1 decade ago

Hey Ori,  


Thanks for adding the no playoff option. My league is thrilled  



fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

And one last thing: some people wanted <strong>leagues with no playoffs</strong>. You can now do that.