fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

We've added news items from <a href="http://www.yardbarker.com/">Yardbarker</a> to our <a href="/showHeadlines.do">headlines page</a>.  


<blockquote>Yardbarker is a new kind of sports site. There are no editors... just sports fans. It's simple. Users submit links to the best sports content from around the web. The community rates quality. You see the best content. It's sports media by the fans, for the fans.</blockquote>

fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

I'm working on better news integration in general.  


But if your players have recent news items, there should be a newspaper icon next to their name.  


This applies to any league page with players names (rosters, the players tab, etc).

CBergman 1 decade ago


Do you think you could link the news page to each league rather then just the HOME page. Guys in my league are to slow to understand how to navigate a site to find what they need.