FleaMod Admin 7 years ago

We incorporated a new feature today - 2011 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets

You can view the site's custom default rankings here:


Even cooler, though, is when you customize your own draft rankings under Draft->Draft Ranking, your own cheat sheet will customize and replicate from your rankings. You can use this as a great guide during your draft.

deen 7 years ago

I like it but I think it would be better if you stopped updating it everyday..Especially for slow draft leagues, you think its a good idea to draft somebody with a 75 ranking but then 2 days during the slow draft you find out that player you just drafted is now ranked 125..

rangerdave 7 years ago

Why are you relying on someone else's ratings? Rankings are fluid. They do change everyday.

deen 7 years ago

I dont rely on them but I do look at em for cheatsheets..I never use fleas ranks though, they're too tainted because they're more of draft rank then a position rank like yahoo and espn would give.

deen 7 years ago

I think position ranks for a cheatsheet are better than draft ranks, just my opinion.

rangerdave 7 years ago

If you never use them, why do you even care how often they are updated?

deen 7 years ago

Because they're not reliable for the owners who do use them, 4 owners in this thread alone did cartwheels they were so excited about this..

Damn, I thought Rick was the only one running around with a flea badge looking for peeps who complain... :)

fleafounder Admin 7 years ago

Good point but our changes reflect outlook for the season, which is always in flux due to rumors, preseason performances, roster moves, etc. Especially for players in very deep leagues.

If you customize your rankings, we show your rank, not the Fleaflicker rank. And we'll also generate a cheat-sheet for those rankings.

TitanMike 7 years ago

Nice job! Thanks!

HattoriHanzo 7 years ago

This is awesome! Much easier than trying to scroll through the list in the draft itself.

DARKSEID 7 years ago

What would be great to have right now is a clock and a que on the e-mail draft. What are the odds of this happening Hal?

RogerGoodellJr 7 years ago

Very cool. Will it be updated again after all free agents are signed by NFL?

[Deleted User] 7 years ago

Very nice, looks great!!