fleafounder Admin 8 years ago

There was some confusion in the past regarding points allowed and offensive points allowed.

We've changed the Offensive Points Allowed rule slightly and add Special Teams Points Allowed and Offensive Plus Special Teams Points Allowed.

  • Points Allowed=All points (what the opposing team's final score says)
  • Offensive Points Allowed=FG, pass TD, rush TD only
  • Special Teams Points Allowed=Punt/kick return TDs and all conversions (both XPs and 2-point conversions)
  • Offensive Plus Special Teams Points Allowed=The sum of offensive and special teams points (i.e., everything except for safeties, INT returns, fumble returns, and blocked kick returns). Most leagues will want to use this rule

Marc_Baker 8 years ago

I'd like to 2nd jstraub's request, but talk it a small step further.

Offensive Points allowed plus XPx and 2-point conversions (XP's and 2-point conversions only after subsequent offensive points allowed) but not punt/kick return TDs?

almightytod 8 years ago

Fleaflicker Admin,

Within the GlobalFFL league on your website, our league rules specify that the Offensive Points Allowed is the total amount of points scored by the opposing team, or what the score of the game shows. It doesn't matter if all of the points were defensive or special teams scores.

How do we get this adjusted for our league scoring? Does the commissioner need to manually adjust that scoring each week or can the rule be changed on the website for our league?

Furthermore, why were the leagues not informed of this rule change before implementing it?


Tod Robbins

GlobalFFL Commissioner

Denzil 8 years ago

how about an option that allows offensive and special teams except punt/kick return td's

TOMKUCH 8 years ago

Can you clarify this for me please? Our league ONLY wants to use 'Offensive Plus Special Teams Points allowed', so that INT and fumbles do NOT count against our defenses. I'm confused as to which option I would select under 'Rule Type'. I don't want any points to be allowed, but using '0' points is not allowed. Thanks for the help.

MinistryOfPain 8 years ago

In the Offensive plus special teams points allowed, why are blocked kick returns not counted as the special team is on the field for a kick?

Gaald 8 years ago

Are we going to be seeing any additional rules added before the season goes live? Like for example the Team Victory stat you keep saying you'll look into adding over the last 3 years? Please. Pretty please with sugar on top!

fleafounder Admin 8 years ago

I remember but that one is tougher to implement because you want separate positions for teams so you can count team victories. I can't easily add that.

Gaald 8 years ago

I figured that was the easy bit.

How is adding team names difficult? You can call them anything you want, right? Like Lions TV, or something of the sort. Than just tell the system to attribute certain statics to that name?

It's been at least 3 years, and every year you say maybe but if not, next year and so we wait, and than this year LOGOS get implemented. LOGOS! Like having a tiny pic makes any difference! It's pretty frustrating.

Don't get me wrong, the site you have hear is pretty great, it's why we come back, but our league has been looking for this stat to get implemented for a long while, and you've lead us to believe it was doable every year we asked.

The guys in the league won't give up the stat, and that means a lot of work for the league commissioner every week once the games are done just to keep everything in line. Never mind that our roster slots are screwed up too so we can't even let the system keep track of those for us.

Please, look into again. I beg you. There has got to be an easy way to get this in. It's not a difficult stat to track. I just don't see how it can be.

jstraub 8 years ago

Is it possible to add one additional rule where it's Offensive Points allowed plus XPx and 2-point conversions but not punt/kick return TDs?

In my league we only are penalizing the defense for what is scored when they are on the field, which they aren't during punt/kick returns, but in essense are (they allowed the offense get to that point) for FGs, XPs and 2-point conversions.