fleafounder Admin 8 years ago

You can now set the following.

  • Profile picture
  • Team logo
  • League logo


JoeySkye 6 years ago

This suuxxxxx

[Deleted User] 8 years ago

i like the alien flea better........it looks better, now a helmet on it would be nice too..........Darkseid is real good at that posting and pasting stuff, hire him..............bye

[Deleted User] 8 years ago

I have a profile pic question... Is there any way to set it up to where you can have a different profile picture for each sport? Maybe add multiple profile pic boxes on the public profile page, one for each sport? I have a profile pic that is feared towards football and would like to use one I have that is geared towards basketball and baseball etc... Thanks

FFCSR_Doug 8 years ago

Good note. Not an option at the moment, something we will consider though.

InSpades 8 years ago

Speaking of logos, I like the new Fleaflicker logo... kinda alien-looking but a good way to differentiate the old Fleaflicker from the new.

springlesinc 8 years ago

I dont get the new logo. Why did you go alien?

bkardane11 8 years ago

It's supposed to be a flea I think.

BoumtjeBoumtje 8 years ago

Any chance you could support small moving gifs? I have a great little avatar which is a moving picture. WHen I load it here, it just displays the first frame.

oosterhouse 8 years ago

Nice work in the bigger logos on the scoreboard page.

rlbryce36 8 years ago

pictures gone

fleafounder Admin 8 years ago

I've contacted the engineers responsible for maintaining those servers.

Because logos are cosmetic and don't affect gameplay I won't be escalating the issue and disturbing people on a holiday weekend.

As a result, this may not be fixed until tomorrow or Tuesday.

thekingofsecond 8 years ago

Thanks. Any chance of having them increase the size of the logos while they're at it? At least on the matchup page would be great.

Chiefdustin 8 years ago

Agreed, the box score screen should have logos the same size as the team page. Would be a very easy fix.

VinceB128 8 years ago

I love how all these non-technical people can say what that these fixes are so easy, haha. You'd be surprised at how many things 'sounds' easy that aren't so much.

Chiefdustin 8 years ago

No, you're wrong Vince. It would be very easy to up the size of the logo on the "box score" section to match it in size of the team section logo.

DARKSEID 8 years ago

I guess you were right,I see a larger picture on my box score now.

Hiccup 8 years ago

I see it! Thanks FLea!

fleafounder Admin 8 years ago

This one was easy to do but VinceB128 is definitely right--a lot of requests appear easy but are very difficult.

Most software development is significantly more difficult than it first appears.

DARKSEID 8 years ago

Thanks for the good work. I appreciate the fact you guys are always looking for ways to improve on the site. Keep up the good work.

[Deleted User] 8 years ago

can we get some more football Beasts of the Site?!.........lol

Pigskin_Pimp 8 years ago

Great Job...Thanks Flea

Volt 8 years ago

What, you mean you don't just type in "make logos bigger" into the code?

Funny how many people think programming is so easy. I hated it when I had to do it.

Chiefdustin 8 years ago

That is beautiful! Thanks a ton Founder!

ali83 8 years ago

great flipping job! u r the best again!

Junior_Lopez 8 years ago

Thanks for the upgrade and listening to our requests. Logos look great on the box score page!

ChadDidion 8 years ago

Just wanted to say I do love a lot of this site and what it has to offer, all for FREE!

I do like the added logo feature, but you can't see the team logo's at all.

Is there anyway they can be increased and is there any chance this happens this season?