FFCSR_Doug 9 years ago

Here are your weekly updates for September 5.  


Improvements to the IR System: It has been updated so that now when you add a player to your IR it will not count against your max at a position.  


Live scoring: Live scoring appears to be working and if you see any issues with your team or league's stats let us know and we can help you re-do your scoring rules.  


Improvements to password reset: It should now be easier and more straight forward to reset your password.  


The season is finally under way. Let the fun begin.

oosterhouse 9 years ago

Great work on the IR thing, like the option to set injury level requirements as well.

scotto1959 9 years ago

Problem: Droping dead leagues! I am going to drop my dead ones today and if the flag comes out your going to hear all about it!

[Deleted User] 9 years ago

Your already flagged roflmao :)