FFCSR_Doug 9 years ago

This is the first Fleaflicker Weekly Update report. Every Friday going forward we will post a thread here on the Site Announcements letting you know what upgrades and fixes we have made during the past 7 days.  


This past week included the following: 

1) Site redesign - as you probably all have seen Fleaflicker has a new look to it that was recently implemented. 


2) Message board transfer - Former AOL users now have access to their past message board posts. 


3) Jared Allen Bug Fixed - There was a bug that caused players like Jared Allen to be listed on the wrong team (Chiefs instead of Vikings). This has been corrected. 


4) Draft Order Bug Fixed - There was a bug that caused the draft order to appear incorrectly in the mock draft. This has been corrected. 


On the horizon 

1) A frequently requested features (with timelines for implementation) help page with will be posted within the next week. 


2) Allowing for connection to the Draft using AOL program. 


Enjoy your weekend and possibly less Brett Favre on SportsCenter.

[Deleted User] 9 years ago

It's great to see this kind of thread appear. Furthermore, while I would love to see every single possible feature requested and suggested by the members added I am a realist and realise that you can't make everyone happy. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing what will be coming our way in the near future.

JPK 9 years ago

Perhaps you can give us a 'heads up' on the new programming you ARE going to implement in the future, and which changes that have been requested will not be implemented into the site. 


There are many items that would greatly help commishes that have been requested, especially in keeper and dynasty leagues, such as reserve roster spots, a rookie draft before the main draft, programming that would allow commishes to add their leagues "personal rules" to the league rules message board, etc... 


These agendas and more will need to be addressed one way or another. It would be greatly appreciated if you could let us know your plans for what will and will not be changed so we can make adjustments in a timely matter accordingly. 


Thank you for all the time and energy you and the rest of the administrative team have put towards making this the most enjoyable fantasy experience possable.

Tommy_HUSTLE 9 years ago

Please Add Live Chat section to league page. This has been added to both of my leagues via posting chatango link on messageboard. Owners in All my Americas Most Wanted NBA/NFL Dynasty Leagues love idea. It improves negotiations, and provides venue for owners to gather and discuss changes within league rules, etc. Live Chat should be added to FleaFlicker in near future.  


Thank You! 

Commissioner Tommy_Hustle

scotto1959 9 years ago

Best heads up came from NFL not fan box but thanks ?