fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

The end of week 17 marks the beginning of the fantasy offseason.

If your league had a trading deadline , you can now make trades again.

Free agent transactions remain locked due to fairness issues. Players' values change in the offseason. For example, Lamont Jordan was virtually worthless at the end of '04 but probably went in the first round of most keeper drafts in '05.

Lou_fanasy_king 1 decade ago

Does this site offer live scoring?

truthcipher 1 decade ago

any update on a time table yet?

HawaiianRush 1 decade ago

yeah 25 is alot


[Deleted User] 1 decade ago

oh alright thanks

sprtsgy1989 1 decade ago

no u can have as many as u want

i think u can only have 25

but that is a lot and u prb wnt get that many teams

Brian 1 decade ago

yes, as many as you want

[Deleted User] 1 decade ago

Can we join more than one league on this site? because that would help me out a lot cuz one league i am in is moving here and then i want to move a league i am running to this site.

Orilikesboys 1 decade ago

yes this SITE does have live drafts