fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

If you notice something on the site that doesn't work the way you expect and <a href="/contact.do">report</a> the issue we'll usually fix it within a few hours <i>and</i> mail you a cool Fleaflicker T-shirt for free!

kreative1 1 decade ago



thats one thing that can get lost in the mail  


k...Ill try to keep it serious now...  


(women rule fantasy!)  


smarchit 1 decade ago

What did you expect out of someone from the Bungals "Glory..." er...I mean "Gory Years"??  


BTW, that Corey Dillon Fan Club shirt ("President's Edition") is in the mail. 8-)

The-KGBs 1 decade ago

Ooops !!! I meant Wo - man !!!!

The-KGBs 1 decade ago

Give the man a T-shirt !!

[Deleted User] 1 decade ago


kreative1 1 decade ago

corey dilon didnt work right at all last year..  


I wear a size small