fleafounder Admin 7 years ago

I added commenting on all news items (very similar to the threaded comments in the forums).

You can now comment directly on a news item.

Try it out: what do you think of Sydney Rice's chances of coming back in less than 8 weeks?

J-J 7 years ago

comments aren't showing up again.

i left a comment about ryan grant's injury & it hasn't showed up.

it's been 20 minutes since i made the post.

fleafounder Admin 7 years ago

There's more than one news item about Grant

All Grant news:




J-J 7 years ago

i just noticed that.

my bad.

J-J 7 years ago

can you please verify for me that 2 usernames are coming from the same IP address: "brennanpats" and "brennie"

i have 2 usernames from the same IP address but would never put junglejunky & J-J in the same league. however, i created a public league (& am prolly paying for it) & it would appear this user brendan has 2 teams in the league (6 on 6 - football).

can you please verify this for me?

on a sidenote, it seems all i write to you guys about are complaints & inquiries about possible cheaters. i don't thank you & your production team enough for creating this site. i have really connected with a community on here & would have never done so without the work your team has put in to building this site.

thx -

barryb1 7 years ago

nice, but not necessary, and not heavily requested, if at all.

NEdynasty5rings 7 years ago


i will never use this feature.

deen 7 years ago

Yeah at first I thought this was kind of neat but after thinking about it I dont care what other owners/posters and even experts think about football. If I wanna talk football i'll do it on a football message board.

I just hope flea adds transaction limits in time for fantasy hoops season..I dont think its gonna happen though, I have no reason to believe it will.

InSpades 7 years ago

I need transaction limits for hockey too otherwise my players will stream all day, every day and I can do nothing about it as a commish.

If it doesn't happen soon I might have to keep my pool at Yahoo.

I just wish someone on the Flea staff would tell us the truth. Will it happen for this year: yes or no. We need to plan our pools accordingly.

fleafounder Admin 7 years ago

I'll do my best.

deen 7 years ago

Yeah, if they're not gonna do it then fine say it so that way I can finish setting up my leagues.

And im sorry "I'll do my best" pretty much tells me it wont happen because it went from "we should have this done by the end of baseball season" to "I'll do my best to have it ready for hoops season"..

J-J 7 years ago

it won't help much to direct traffic to the news comment threads if the total number of comments doesn't show up.

i just left 2 comments about the fuentes trade & it still says 0 comments next to the headline on the main page

J-J 7 years ago

now they're showing.


fleafounder Admin 7 years ago

Thanks I'll fix that this weekend.

J-J 7 years ago

they're showing up now so it's strait

Volt 7 years ago

It takes about 4 or 5 minutes before it shows. I thought it was a bug too, but it just takes a little time.

J-J 7 years ago

Ok, I can see how this will work to build community - 1 of the features I enjoy the most on this site.

But the admins have received an enormous amount of feedback concerning the lack of transaction limits & the negative effect of streaming on countless leagues. I've seen many leagues degrade because of owners who stream like mad each day. It's a tired conversation that could be easily ended.

Admins have repeatedly given the answer that transaction limits are on the way & "should be ready by football". Well, football season is right around the corner & we still have no limits. While they're not necessary for football as there is very little streaming, it would be nice to have them in place for basketball.

However, the site continues to roll out new games & features while ignoring most likely hundreds of their users' requests for transaction limits.

While I greatly appreciate the work FF does to maintain a fun & interactive site, I must respectfully ask why the powers that be continue to ignore the 1 upgrade that would actually make the site better?

Volt 7 years ago

I agree that this must be addressed (and should have been addressed before the baseball season even started, just like roto was supposed to be done in time for the season, but that is a different subject), but that is not the "1 upgrade" that could make this place better. The suggestion forum is FULL of upgrades that could improve things. There are a ton of things, both small and large, that could be implemented to really set this place apart, but all of the suggestions fall on deaf ears.

Now, as far as this update goes, it is a nice little addition in comparison to a celeb game. I think that there are a lot of things that could have been done prior to this, but we will see how this update is used by the users.

J-J 7 years ago

the names in the news headlines are now linked to their player pages which is a big benefit, especially for headlines about minor league prospects that many players may not be familiar with.

deen 7 years ago

1. I agree with JJ 1st post.

2. I actually like this because now I can disagree with the "experts" without having to come up with an AOL or AIM screenname.

Will the experts who make these player news things post in these threads?

InSpades 7 years ago

I think what frustrates users the most is we don't understand from where the impetus for these additions is coming. Who was pushing for the Celeb Game? Who was pushing for commenting on news items?

The things that users ARE pushing for (that will actually improve game play - like transaction limits) seem like they are being ignored and we don't know why.

Bottom line: If you're working on a project that will make users say, "gee, that's nice, but..." STOP!! No, I mean it, stop!

Focus completely on the projects that will make users say, "wow, that really helps!"

Otherwise, I don't care what you roll out, you're going to get flamed. (lipstick and a bow might make the pig look nicer but it's still a pig. FIX THE PIG!)

scotto1959 7 years ago

Ummm, I like roast pig.

Volt 7 years ago

J-J 7 years ago

poggly woggly