fleafounder Admin 8 years ago

You can no appoint up to 3 co-commissioners in your private leagues.

KnightsWhoSayNi 8 years ago

Thanks! Multiple commissioners is very useful and necessary when a single commissioner can't always be connected (gasp!).

wolfman57 8 years ago

Does a co-commish have the same options as a lone one?

rlbryce36 8 years ago

scroll down to 29 days ago FFCSR Doug, lets you know what the co-commish cant do

Slick20 8 years ago

This is a much appreciated addition. Thank you!

smcndfan 8 years ago

What about co-owners for teams?

FFCSR_Doug 8 years ago

That is a little more complicated, but yes on our radar for implementation. Keeping current focus on logos and blind bid waivers.

iamgregg 8 years ago

Good stuff.

One thing I would like to see further is to be able to give each co-commish customisable powers.

For example, only giving the commish the power to execute/reject trades.

[Deleted User] 8 years ago

Once you take full commissioner powers back, the league automatically becomes a private league again correct?

Oscarmeyer 8 years ago

I don't think so honestly, I am pretty sure the league is invisible to the public until you reliquish your powers is all, but not private.

Slush 8 years ago

We have been wanting this feature. Thank you!

afdynasty 8 years ago

I'm using this. This will be very helpful for league with many teams.