fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

As requested by many users, dead teams can be taken over by a new owner. A dead team is defined as a team whose owner has not logged into Fleaflicker in 18 days or more.

You can invite new owners to take over dead teams in your league, or browse existing leagues for teams that you would like to seize.

In the future, we’ll add an easy way to search for such teams. But we wanted to allow you to get rid of inactive owners as soon as possible.

richardhampton9 9 years ago

i will take over any dead teams if rules allow it ty?

FFCSR_Doug 9 years ago

You can take over a dead team. Post this message in the Fantasy Football Talk forum and you will probably receive some responses.

PSUgorilla 9 years ago

I need 7 more teams to sign up before my draft on Sunday @ 6pm. The league name is KC Chief's Nation.

cableman 9 years ago

any prizes

vikingROGUE 9 years ago

My league was moved from AOL to fleaflickr this year. I can find my league but how do i claim my team??????????

dskin 9 years ago

what if your league has a team that was the commishner and they are inactive for over 11 months or you have a league that has no commishner how can i take over or claim the commishner spot?

joones 10 years ago

Yes a change would be nice so we can pick up keeper team so we can do some off season trading

cardinals12 10 years ago

so can we change the rule so we can join teams after week 15

a_chinners 10 years ago

Everyone who wants to erase the rule: You can't join/create league past week 15, leave ur comments! I understand the creating a league part but you should be able to join a league!