FFCSR_Doug 1 decade ago

We are excited to announce that all AOL members (season 2004 – 2007) have been migrated to Fleaflicker. Now that you are a Fleaflicker player what are some of the features you can expect.  


* A streamlined site dedicated to free and easy set up  

* Easy to sort player rankings  

* Free live scoring  

* Free use of the draft room  

* Extremely customizable scoring, rosters and league rules  

* An accessible support staff  


If you don't see your leagues on the homepage, it probably means you're not using the same AOL account or E-mail address on Fleaflicker as you did on AOL last season.  


Please make sure you use the same account (e.g., if you used the AOL screen name JohnDoe11 last year on AOL, you must use that same id on Fleaflicker).  


The migration of AOL legacy players was a large technical undertaking and if you spot any issues don’t hesitate to report them.  


You are also encouraged to post suggestions on improving the site and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. <a href="http://www.fleaflicker.com/contact.do">fleaflicker.com</a>  


Thank you.

dustrz 7 years ago

Transaction logs. enough said.

rangerdave 7 years ago

Flea already has transaction logs.

dewansmitty 7 years ago

why cant i log into fleaflicker

[Deleted User] 7 years ago

Not with AOL anymore, must go to the FF site it self and put in a email and password now

Sonny_D 7 years ago

One of my league mates can't log in. He tried logging in using his old screen name, was redirected but then when he enters an email address it says "Your screen name or Email is incorrect".

Is this because he accidentally created a new account? If so, why isn't it linking him into our league.

[Deleted User] 7 years ago


NO SCREEN NAME, must use a email. If he still can't get in, find his profile and copy it here so Hal can help more precise

FleaMod Admin 7 years ago

It's the last user step to migrate over from using an AOL user name -- you must log in with an e-mail address now (any email, including AOL is fine).

1) Head to the regular Fleaflicker sign in page and enter your information - hit OK at the pop up -- an AOL page will show

2) Just enter your Fleaflicker/AOL information on that new AOL page after the Fleaflicker sign-in page

3) Grant Fleaflicker access

4) You will then be prompted to change your password information and will now see the new e-mail address to use as your log-in name from now on

Let me know if and when you're getting stuck

duboisfootball 1 decade ago

doug i hope you get this the original commish some how is back in controlof the league and cheating up a storm he has made himself 13-0 when you made me the commish i changed back the scores that he cheated on i know that you dont have time for this but this guy must have multiple teams in the same league and that is against the rules please fix this

FFCSR_Doug 1 decade ago

Thanks. Will check it out, the only thing is if all the other teams in the league are owned by the current commish do you even want to re-join or take over this league.

scotto1959 1 decade ago

Accessible fleagod staff, your always on vacation.

duboisfootball 1 decade ago

doug im the guy that you helped from the houston jokerz league after going back and fixing cheats i got kicked out i did not take any wins that i did not earn some how the old commish got others to boot me i dont need to be commish but i would like to finish in league

FFCSR_Doug 1 decade ago

Dubois, send an email so we can go over some of the details.

duboisfootball 1 decade ago

check out the commish of the houston jokerz he is cheating big time

keywestwillard 1 decade ago

I had teams last year under the name thephillie, 

now I am under the name keywestwillard, but can't seem to get to my team. 

What can be done so I can change my old name to my new one. Maybe I am just to dumb to figure this out, so I could use some help. 



duboisfootball 1 decade ago

i hope someone from aol or fleaflicker gets this message i have semt many messages to the so called halp forum i am in a league /houston jokerz and the commish is cheating changing peoples lineups mine 3 times to go undefeatedi just want someone to take away his power and reset games

Buckeyehouse 1 decade ago

a member of my league has a different e-mail than he had last year, he no longer has access to his previous e-mail. is there any way to change his e-mail without deleting his team and inviting him as a new team?

fleafounder Admin 1 decade ago

If he can sign in he can change the E-mail himself. 


Otherwise you can safely remove him from the league. This will make his team unowned and eligible for takeover by another user (or the same user under a different account).