DelMucho 6 years ago

This is my first time doing a fantasy hockey league so I am a little confused when i can change my lineup. As of right now we have a change line up once per week but I dont know what day that is on and which players i can switch out. I am the commish of my league. Also for the forward position can any offensive player go in there?

FleaMod Admin 6 years ago

Thanks for playing at Fleaflicker.

1) Your league is a weekly lineup. So once that player's team (who is in the slot) plays their first game of the week, the slot will lock and the player is there for the remainder of the week until scores finalize.

2) You can pick up players at any time, but they will get placed on your roster for the next week if all slots have been locked for the current week.

3) Forwards are any C/RW/LW

DelMucho 6 years ago

thank you

Gargoiler 4 years ago

When does the weekly lineup open for us to enter a new roster? Is it on Sunday,Monday, etc?