SmanCool Sat 2/24/24 8:02 PM

Good day,

We have an available team for takeover:

Sammyjr Fri 3/1/24 11:49 AM

Looking to get into fantasy hockey. Is this still available?

SmanCool Fri 3/1/24 6:40 PM

Hey, not available anymore. However, I might have a few spots in another league open in a day or two

Sammyjr Fri 3/1/24 7:28 PM

I'm definitely interested. Let me know please. Email is

SmanCool Sat 3/2/24 7:09 PM

Hey Sammjr - just sent you an email regarding an available team in EFHL

Boyd45 Fri 3/8/24 4:15 AM

If spots open let me know

SmanCool Sat 3/9/24 9:28 AM

Hey Boyd45 - I sent you an invite via email.