Sorendo 5 years ago

I am stuck between Forte and Wallace as my flex. Forte is up against the 49'ers who allow 0 TD's by RB's and Wallace has Leftwhich slinging the ball. I could go deeper into alot of other reasons why both have horrible match-ups but what I need is some sound advise as to which would be the better option. Please help, Thanks!

AWP 5 years ago

I would roll the dice with Forte. With Cutler out, Forte will have to be the focal point of the offense in both the passing game and running game. He will get more opportunities to produce this week. Plus the 49ers defense has been a lot more generous to RBs the past few weeks

Sorendo 5 years ago


FunBusKing 5 years ago

SJax woke up against the niners so you never know - I would say Forte as well!

Sorendo 5 years ago

Clearly the better choice after last night. Thanks guys